I have recently done my Masters degree in contemporary art at Manchester Met Univercity Art school . i would say i am a mixed media artist, i don't stick to just one form of art i like to experiment in all kinds and mix them up now and then. my other great passion is films of all kinds which i like to use for inspiration for my work. i am also a fan of motor sports and nice cars, F1 in particular is my favorite type of motor sport.

27th May 2012


Alan Baker, Orifice, latex casts from Rabbit holes

this sculpture is based on some of the drawings i have been producing in my sketch book and as mixed media collage pieces. this sculpture is built up of a number of cast taken from my plaster casts of rabbit holes. like the artist Eva Hesse, i wanted to cast them in a material which can be easily moved into different animalistic positions and gives the sculpture a human element to it. after trying out a number of different materials i thought about using latex as it has this texture and look of human skin and stuffing it with cotton wool which more or less removes the animal from the sculpture and becomes something that isn’t seen as human nor animal. like my drawings the sculpture does have this representation of something internal like intestines or arteries which viewed in a different context can seem alien. if i had more time i would of liked to have built up the sculpture with more latex casts to create a larger entity.